Welcome to my little nook on the internet.

After spending my summer as a UX Design Intern at Google NYC, I am back at Georgia Tech to finish my Masters in HCI.
Previously, I have worked at Vunet & Medtronic.

My computer science background equips me to take on complex technical questions, it’s a skill I hold close to my heart. Eventually, it was my fascination and curiosity of human interactions that brought me to design.

Sometime in the past one year, I have grown to realise that one of my strengths as a designer to embrace ambiguity and use structure to explore creative stages of a project. When it comes to people, I have always been a part of cross functional teams. My ideal team is akin to a community that I can learn from and rely on.

Recently, I have been exploring how I can reprogram my relationship with social media. In an attempt to shift it's usefulness from curation to contemplation, I decided to document ordinary, non glamorous, raw moments of everyday life on .

Creations by Mudz

I spent my one point something years in lockdown creating stickers of some of my favourite shows that helped me get through the pandemic.




Unicode Experimenting Ep 2